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Book of our 2007 Half Way Round Trip Published

It is finally done, the book of our 2007 Half Way Round trip has been
published.  This is the third photo book we have put together, but it is
the first we have managed to publish, it is a great feeling to finally get
it out the door.  To see the photo's in the book go to Half Way Round.

Please get in touch with us

In a recent improvement to the website we have added the ability to send messages us.  You can:

  • post public messages in the Guestbook, or
  • send us private mesage by email using Contact Us.

To send us a message, select Messages from the main menu or click on this link messages.

Best wishes, Ruth and Paul

Photos from 2005 trip to the Middle East

Photos from our 2005 trip to Bangkok, Turkey, Syria, Jordan & Israel have finally been published.  Please take a look here.

New Home Page

We have created a new home page to work with the recently new photo slider menu.

The photo viewer is based on the JQuery Cycle Plugin with a small piece of additional code to display the photo name and gallery link (view source if you are interested in how this is done).

Also used on the page is the JQuery Corner plugin which provides a simple method to put round corners on page items.

New map added to photos from around the world

We have added a new map of the world to the "Photo's from Around the World" page.  This map makes it very easy to navigate our photos from many countries from around the world.

Go to http://sebire.id.au/photo/aroundtheworld to see the new map and keep an eye out for maps on other pages as they are added over time.

The map is based on the flash mapping library by John Emerson at http://backspace.com/mapapp/.

New website theme and photo menu

As you can see we have implemented a new theme and fancy sliding menu for the website.

The new theme has been implemented as part of moving the website onto the Drupal content management system.  It uses the zen theme and a javascript sliding menu based on a method published by Michael Leigeber.

The photos in the menu are from :

Photos from our 2002 trip to Scandinavia, Russia & Eastern Europe

We are working back through our older photos and have publish highlight from our 2002 trip to Scandinavia, Russia & Eastern Europe.

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